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Garden Visit to Blue Doors

View towards the South Downs

Writing a week after we visited Blue Doors, we are still living in a blue haze!  On the last perfect day of summer, the blessed amongst us walked up the lane to a garden of immense lyrical beauty.   The colours of the garden have been chosen to reflect its chalky environment: blue, white, palest yellow.   Great swathes of Perovskia, pure white Japanese Anemones, Iceberg and Penelope roses, Nepeta (the spent flowers cut, so our very kind hostess told us, so that the second flush coincided with our visit) combined with elegant grasses, in many cases creating a veil between the viewer and the flowers so that all was magical on that lovely morning.   And all that soft abundance held in order by topiaried “balls”, not of the usual boxwood, but of Hebe – an inspired choice since these, too, would flower in the early part of the year.   Close to the house Hydrangea Annabel was planted in similarly large groups, so that nothing was mean or pinched.

A great Sycamore tree, in September a soft dark red, had been inherited and, echoed in the border closest to it, a sculpture of the elegant sycamore seed that moved continuously in the soft wind.

All is flowing and abundant in the borders, but at the bottom of the garden there is a small formal vegetable garden with a table and two chairs perhaps for a last sunny drink – and another inherited tree, happily a plum with the fruits exactly the right dark purple for this garden.

And the view across the valley!   We could see four churches, South and North Stoke, Houghton and Bury, together with the newly planted Nyetimber vineyard on the top of the Downs.

This garden has been written up in many magazines, from the RHS to Korean Air, and the epithet most used was “dream, a dream garden”. And so it was, and we were blessed. Sue Marsh

The Queen’s Jubilee Floral Display Competition was held by Arundel Town Council this year to encourage more floral displays in and around Arundel.

Best Hanging Basket by Pam Benstead

The extraordinarily hot and dry weather this summer greatly reduced the numbers of window boxes, hanging baskets and other containers normally to be seen in Arundel but a few clever folk had, nonetheless, managed to create attractive displays.

Mayor Tony Hunt presented prizes for the Competition, as well as Show prizes, at the Football Club Hall on the August Bank Holiday with about eighty people present.

Lesley Collyer and Lizz Lock were the winners of the Community Gardens class for entering the Arun Street Garden where they, and others, have toiled hard this year to maintain a beautiful place.